Brief Introduction About Us...

Red Ginger is the creation of a dedicated team of food lovers, with decades of experience in the F&B industry. We've been operating at IMM Building since 2000, gaining a strong presence in the West region of Singapore through serving a good spread of Nasi Padang dishes. We are dedicated to bringing top notch fare to customers at an affordable price. Our niche expertise lies in halal cuisine with a modern twist. We are passionate in our pursuit for gastronomy excellence and seek to bring our standards to an unparalleled level.

Rumah Sayang is the latest brainchild of the team behind Red Ginger. It has a distinctive Western Sumatran flavour, with a focus on the dishes that Red Ginger prides its reputation on; Nasi Padang, Sizzling Wok dishes such as Nasi Pattaya, alongside traditionalist Nonya Flavours, with a carefully measured blend of ginger and various exotic spices. It has been operating in JEM since June 2013. The undivided focus on Nasi Padang promises a gastronomic Nonya experience that certainly must not be missed!